• Amplifiers

    Versatile tube amplifiers built in the highest quality

    Our high-end instrument amplifiers utilize sophisticated systems for dialing saturated tones at every volume level with the use of Power Scaling topologies, individual bias nodes for even the most diverse tube-matching cases (e.g. matching 1xEL34 and 1x6L6 on the same power amp) as well as systems for getting the most out of a power tube's juice while extending their lifetime as well as protecting the amplifier from premature tube failures.

  • Cabinets

    The Detuned Cabinet Revolution

    The Detuned Cabinet design is revolutionary in that it offers wider sound dispersion, is lighter as well as more efficient due to the exploitation of backwash waves that are being sent back to the front through a tuned open port. The result is a richer and more detailed sound while the output is almost as if the cabinet was been driven by double the number of speakers present.

  • Unique

    Unique, custom-built amplifiers and enclosures.

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